we've done it again!

two of our releases have been nominated in three categories again for the french qwartz awards 3rd edition!

qwartz compilation:
va - movin on (mn012)
qwartz dance floor:
minimalmans-march by salmon | va - movin on (mn012)
qwartz artwork and packaging:
picnic plan ep cover art by poeyama | masaya sasaki - picnic plan ep (mn008)

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tonight, goem|fdw will be performing in tokyo, japan! check out the 'dates' page, and go check him out if you're in the area...

two of our releases have been nominated in three categories again for the french qwartz awards 3rd edition!

qwartz compilation:
va - movin on (mn012)
- please vote for us before feb. 15, 2007!
qwartz dance floor:
minimalmans-march by salmon | va - movin on (mn012)
- please vote for us before feb. 15, 2007!
qwartz artwork and packaging:
picnic plan ep cover art by poeyama | masaya sasaki - picnic plan ep (mn008)
- please vote for us before feb. 15, 2007!

the winners will be chosen by internet vote (ends on feb. 15th, 2007), so please vote for us!

there's another news. g_n44f, masaya sasaki, shalma- and the suffragettes have participated in sinergy networks' compilation album, 'kontorasuto' (sn040). now the tracks are available on beatport and kompakt besides their own online shop. please check them out!
Sinergy-networks mp3 shop

shalma- will be performing tonight in fukushima, japan. check the 'dates' page for more info.

ok people. here's the timetable for tomorrow's event. hope to see you all there! btw, this is also part of lod's sabado gris tour. check the 'dates' page for other dates.

22:00 shalma- (dj)
23:00 masaya sasaki (live pt.1)
24:00 shalma- (live)
25:00 g_n44f (live)
26:00 lod (dj)
27:00 lod (live)
28:00 masaya sasaki (live pt.2)

we'll have our first party in tokyo @ bullet's on friday, oct. 6th, 2006. featured artists will be our tokyo crew plus lod (-N, sinergy-networks, klitekture, calima) and vj amanda lopez (sinergy-networks) as special guests! it'll be our european tour all over again, so if you missed us in europe, here's your another chance to see us live. check the details on the 'dates' page for more...

for those who'll need a flyer (for discount), you can either print out the top page or you can show us the mobile flyer here at the entrance. you can use the qr code (for japanese cell phones) if your phone supports it:
http://minusn.com/mflyer_au.html (for japanese au phones)
here, you can:
send the address of the mobile flyer to your phone by mail

btw, we'll have 20 copies of mn012 'va - movin on' audio cdr for those who come to the venue early as a free gift! we'd like to give them to our sincere fans instead of just giving them away to whoever, so say 'give me mn012' at the entrance in order to acquire one. if we still have some copies left, we'll be happy to give it to you then!

shalma- will be performing today and tomorrow on tonowa beach in niigata, japan. check the 'dates' page and go say hello if you are lucky enough to be in the area.

we've added new reviews: one by a new editor on earlabs, david velez on mn011, and one combined review on mn011 and mn012 by our favorite, frans de waard.

we now present you our second compilation, mn012. we're sure you'd agree this is already the best compilation album of the year. artists participated are: claudia bonarelli, .at/on, the suffragettes, pero, shalma-, salmon, muffrare, masaya sasaki, goem|fdw, motor, g_n44f, lod, jos smolders and andrey kiritchenko. if these names don't ring a bell, you've been missing out a lot. we strongly recommend you to check them out...

let us introduce you some of the latest releases from the netlabels run by some of the artists above...
here's one by jos smolder's earlabs (laboratoire moderne).
lm038 - mark hamn - lazy's dreams
this one's from motor's top 40.
top13 - sascha müller - system 100
we're sure you know this label by now, but this one's from lod's sinergy networks.
sn037 - lfo-one vs andreas sturm - abstract

the zip file of mn010 is finally up. if you haven't listened to it yet, go right ahead and download the release. it really is worth a listen.

andrey kiritchenko's nexsound have a new release out. go check it out. btw, we'll have andrey's track in our next compilation release, so please look forward to that!
ns46 - nole plastique - sourire en souriant

we've added a nice review on mn008 by a true music lover, matt shimmer from canadian indieville.

today (saturday), lod will be throwing a klitekture event in barcelona, spain. check the details on the 'dates' page...

and lod's sinergy networks released a 'sabado gris (from mn003)' music video done by amanda lopez who vj'd at our event in paris! btw, the track will be featured on an upcoming klitekture ep with remixes by tomas jirku, krikor and pep gaya! we'll keep you updated on that. there's also one music release on sinergy networks...
sn-v-010 - amanda lopez - sabado gris
sn036 - lb^lc - 3

one date added for masaya sasaki and shalma-. they'll be doing a session together as shaniclo the day after tomorrow in tokyo. it'll be like the session from radar (madrid, spain) all over again, so for those who missed it, here's your another chance. check the 'dates' page for details.

we got a brand new release, mn011! this time, we have not only music tracks, but also vst instrument plugins by the same artist, .at/on in the release for you to enjoy making your own sounds besides just listening to them!

plus, .at/on will be performing on the 20th of may at 'detali zvuku,' a festival organized by andrey kiritchenko's nexsound in kiev, ukraine! it looks like a huge festival with lots of well-known artists. andrey too will be performing as a member of critikal with jeff surak! from zeromoon and kotra (nexsound), so if you are lucky enough to be close by, go check the 'dates' page and see what the deal is...

added a review on mn010 by bernhard straub from a newly established webzine focusing on netlabel releases called windwalzer.

lod will be performing with pep gaya (klitekture / sinergy networks) today and tomorrow in mexico. check the 'dates' page for the details.

added a nice combined review on mn009 and mn010 by the ever-reliable frans de waard (vital weekly).

latest releases:

mn012 2006.06.28
mn012: movin on
artist: various

mn011 2006.05.18
mn011: prostir
artist: .at/on

mn010 2006.04.24
mn010: manufactures
artist: irish

mn009 2006.03.15
mn009: cancel, don't save, save
artist: titan and yez

mn008 2006.01.14
mn008: picnic plan ep
artist: masaya sasaki


mn013: tba
artist: claudia bonarelli

mn014: tba
artist: the suffragettes

mn015: tba
artist: g_n44f

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