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saludos desde mexico en hora buena exelente referencia sigan adelante

posted by adria.n - 2005.03.06

Nice design and very good compilation [mn001] va -first


posted by Fernando Ferreira - 2005.03.07

Hey, very nice site-design, and congrats to your also veeeery fine first release!! :) the tracks from c6 and coevall are my favourites!

all the best,

posted by Joerg F. - 2005.03.07

x-l-ant soundz guys . . . i'm reminded of alva noto and ryoji ikeda . . . looking forward to future releases!

posted by starpause - 2005.03.08

¾³Ç¤o¶€d£Ô]“º•CèµÎü þ/Ÿ'!­iqõÌ‘ÇÑ

posted by albert - 2005.03.09


posted by albert - 2005.03.09

greetings from Slovakia.
thnx for sounds, we like them/you (:

posted by .kavo. - 2005.03.10


posted by Suz - 2005.03.11

Future Music Ahead/We remain close to the Sound of our personal journey@THANKS to the ARTists...

posted by Stelios - 2005.03.11

Excellent work. I love your music!!!
greetings from Barcelona.

posted by choplin - 2005.03.14

Killer !
Greetz from Poland.

posted by deez - 2005.03.15

excellent release, keep it up!

posted by isabella - 2005.03.16

i like the creativitiy. great comp.
greetings from Seattle!

posted by d'artagnan - 2005.03.16

Excellent work!
And another Greetz from Poland.

posted by ProFound - 2005.03.27

i love the art work, about the sound, first leave me hear better, later we speak.
greetings from Portugal

posted by MrCool - 2005.03.28

What a wonderful site and music ! Damn, it's my lucky day.
Respect for this great great work.
I will send you an email.
Thank you. Nice minimal vibes.!
Musical greetings from Venice, Italy

posted by djmitch - 2005.03.31

No coments, excelent musics!!!!
greetings from São Paulo, Brazil

posted by Dj Bionic - 2005.04.03

greets from singapore.
excellent stuff!

posted by pilote - 2005.04.12

Nice music ! Thank you 4 great experinece

posted by Unclean - 2005.04.20

Yeah! I love this stuff while I`m working.
Nice looking site- great music stuff .. ..
Greetings from Germany - keep on!

posted by Hagbard - 2005.04.21

thanks for existing.it's amaizing.

posted by maria - 2005.04.22

nice work, keep it up.
greets from uk/sweden!

posted by .amp - 2005.04.29


greets from belarus

posted by MICRODISCO - 2005.05.29

Very nice first release, I'm sure you schedule is full but I would love to do an EP for you!

posted by phoen+ - 2005.06.04


posted by oskar - 2005.06.11

This is a very enjoyable net label. I've posted a link to my gallery. If anyone is interested in the use of any of the images please contact me at the email provided.

posted by pinkeiga - 2005.07.31

Nice work, greets from México.

posted by Beto - 2005.08.22

Agree for 100%.

posted by Alva real estate - 2005.08.29

Very nice site ! i like very much minimal sound it´s amazing !

posted by Rodo - 2005.11.15

Terrific site!!! I've just voted for the LOD release in Quartz and went looking for your label. I've been through mostly every net label and I can tell you, this is the best, both music and visuals are splendid. I know we´ll be hearing of you for a long time. Best wishes, Fabián from Buenos Aires.

posted by Fabián - 2005.12.06

"fluido y neutro" - i dont have words to descride this Track - God bless you. inspire by nature.Love like this sounds

posted by VeST - 2006.06.19

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[mn001] va - first
qwartz compilation 2005 qwartz awards nominated release
01. andrey kiritchenko - speading comets (04:33)
- download this mp3 (192k, 6.29mb)

02. c6 - dusty link (06:44)
- download this mp3 (192k, 9.27mb)

03. lod - esponja 5 (05:25)
- download this mp3 (192k, 7.47mb)

04. coeval - fluido y neutro (04:22)
- download this mp3 (192k, 6.02mb)

05. muffrare - itt (05:57)
- download this mp3 (192k, 8.20mb)

06. fracture noise - esc (05:06)
- download this mp3 (192k, 7.05mb)

07. g_n44f - conjunction (05:00)
- download this mp3 (192k, 6.90mb)

08. irish - mic check (04:43)
- download this mp3 (192k, 6.51mb)

09. shalma- - foppish-foppish (05:37)
- download this mp3 (192k, 7.73mb)

10. masaya sasaki - major7 (06:09)
- download this mp3 (192k, 8.48mb)

download the whole release (zip, 75.2mb)

download the cover art (original) (jpeg, 478kb)

download the cover art (double-page)
(jpeg, 456kb, compiled by masaya sasaki)

liner notes by arp laszlo

the first release by -n has a sense of cohesiveness and maturity that many long-running labels never attain. the cohesiveness is provided by the constant of noise; the music is more brightly colored than the typical browns, blacks and greys than the notion of noise typically suggests. the use of noise as music is about breaking conceptions. a ghost of an echo can become musical and arrest us in a way a note from a guitar cannot. we cannot listen expecting the sounds we have grown used to - we listen as if hearing music for the first time. we listen to the sounds we have been taught to ignore all our lives. we become aware of these sounds, these aural shapes, timbres and shadows. may we never walk through an empty hall, a quiet garden or a busy street the same way again.

andrey kiritchenko kicks it off with some itchy goodness in the form of 'spreading comets.' brooding melodic suggestions create a mood, a sense of space that begins the journey. c6 starts your head nodding with 'dusty link,' proving along the way that noise and melody are not mutually exclusive. following is a fine minimal dance choon by klitekture records' lod. 'esponja 5' is minimal at its glitchy best, a track perfectly at home on the dancefloor and on headphones.

the dictionary describes coeval as 'contemporary,' but we think their music is the sound of tomorrow. think of the movie bladerunner sounding as gritty as it looked and you have coeval's 'fluido y neutro,' a track that is as much a vision as it is a song. muffrare continues that vibe with strong percussive workout in 'itt.' fracture noise pulls us firmly back onto the dancefloor with 'esc,' a track that is pure evocation. it is rife with suggestions of memories, spectres of feelings.

by the time g_n44f's 'conjunction' is playing, you are firmly within the realm of noise, listening not only to a vision, but listening to something near you that you can't quite define. irish pulls the tempo back down with 'mic check,' a steady and relaxing track that lulls you while the voice keeps your ears perked. shalma- edges into deep house territory with 'foppish-foppish'. don't get too comfortable, tho - shalma- throws a curve before the end. the release closes with masaya sasaki's 'major7,' a meditation on music and noise that provides closure to this journey while leaving the door ajar for what may lie ahead.

©2005-2021 -N.
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