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i just downloaded the first track and its awesome. heard about you through em411.com. Just hearing about the processes (interview) made it that much more rewarding to listen to. Id like to hear about how you produce your music if youre into sharing that sort of thing.

NOTHING offends my ear for sure. nicely done with the frequencies.

posted by tom - 2005.05.26

hi and thanks for your feedback I work with a mix of hardware and software....for hardware i use mainly the mpc2000xl plus compressor, efxs, guitar efxs etc...for the software i use reaktor as main sound generator while i sequence everything either in logic or live...I am constantly changing though since its hard to find the perfect set up and also boring to have the same procedure....ciao, Luis O.

posted by luis - 2005.05.27

YES!!!! i just love this warm sounds... could be longer in my playlists ;)

greetings from cologne....

posted by psyCodEd - 2005.06.12

have you ever actually gotten a donation?

posted by marduke - 2005.06.23

still no donations in more than one year on sinergy...thank god we donĀ“t live from the sinergy donations :-)
so come on and be the first one to donate on sinergy...come on guys :-))
This was never and its not the intention but would be nice to get some in the future as a thank gesture for all the work we do here....lots of people send us nice feedbacks and thats also very rewarding that they take their time to comment our work and we are very thank full for that and for all the support received on the net label

posted by luis - 2005.07.04

yeah, that's right. support the artists. support the labels. and most importantly, support the scene in any ways you can.

posted by g_ - 2005.07.04

Great release! Really enjoyed it..
Keep up the good work!
/Greetings from Sweden

posted by Thomas - 2005.12.12

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[mn003] lod - taskenti ep
qwartz track & discovery 2005 qwartz awards nominated release
01. sabado gris (06:23)
- download this mp3 (192k, 8.79mb)

02. clokio (05:19)
- download this mp3 (192k, 7.33mb)

03. mars2 (06:38)
- download this mp3 (192k, 9.14mb)

04. correcaminos (07:24)
- download this mp3 (192k, 10.2mb)

download the whole release (zip, 36.0mb)

download the cover art (double-page)
(jpeg, 249kb)

e-mail interview with lod (by kengo miyazaki)

km: this ep is very minimal and dark, yet i feel some kind of warmth in the melancholic context. what's the theme behind this ep?

lod: that is totally right. even though it's a dark project, there is some light on it. i always try to make a balance with this contrast, and this time, it's a bit different since i have used some sounds from really fresh and organic brazilian sounds that interact with my usual - more industrial sounds.
taskenti is the name of a plant, and the meaning behind it is that this work grows on you. you probably won't get an instant feeling. it'll take time to flower.

km: the warmth comes not only from the guitar-like sound or the pads of the first two tracks, but also from the non-melodic noise samples that are used in the last two tracks. what kind of roles do noise/glitch sounds play in your compositions?

lod: noise and glitch sounds are frequently in my compositions, but the amount of importance changes depending on which projects i work on. i would say my music is not that noisy and experimental as your question may sound. i feel more sentimental, and if i use noise, that's because i feel there is space for it without disturbing anyone's ears. there is always the difference between use and abuse.

km: all the individual sounds are quite powerful and have unique and strong characters of their own. what kind of equipment or sound sources do you use and what's the secret of putting together all those 'almost uncontrollable' sounds into harmony?

lod: i mainly work with a computer although i add some synths, and i also use some analog guitar filters and a compressor.
well, it's hard to say with words what i think and do in the studio... it's just impossible for me to explain.

km: lastly, you're currently running two labels - klitekture and sinergy-networks. i like the concept of sinergy networks - http://www.sinergy-networks.com/sinergy.htm. has the sinergy project affected the way you operate klitekture? is there going to be your own klitekture release anytime soon?

lod: well, sinergy-networks has helped me to develop my sound and to work with different artists and sounds over this year. klitekture is my first, most loved and respected project, and i know its time now for me to release something on it. on our last compilation 'epitome vol1,' i released my first track called 'taylor' with other tracks from andreas tilliander and tomas jirku. finally, i will release my first ep after the summer called '4wd' with a sutekh remix. then, i am also thinking on releasing various eps with my sinergy remixes and other works from sinergy on klitekture.

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