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what kinda musique this maan?
ok. i see it is somkind a elequtriqual ekspirimend

One Question: Please can I become your permission to use fragments of your arts in our artworks. I will send you the whole tracks with the ID Tags of used materials! It will be nice to work with ya! Please support our work!

das Klangflittchen from rainy Berlin

posted by soundbitch - 2005.08.13


if you mean you want to sample sounds out of the tracks of this release and use them for your work, go to their site @ http://www.coeval.org/ and ask them for yourself. we distribute our tracks under a by-nc-nd license and leave that sort of stuff up to the artists.

posted by g_ - 2005.08.13

hola, coeval speaking from spain .. you can use the sound of distante in your work but please credit minusn netlabel and the composer inside it.. i hope you enjoy the release. all the best, juan carlos.

posted by Juan Carlos - 2005.08.15

Nada juan carlos quería felicitarte por de frigorificos y corales. Me gusta mucho la interacción de los drones y los pianos.Me parecemuy buena.

posted by miguel aka strand - 2006.02.10

Pues nah..que me lo voy a bajar...

posted by Groof - 2006.10.18

] en religión de sonido, abrumado por el ruido, Orpheo en la mayor de sus armonias sonorocósmicas, fiel amante de ruido, como sus ojos en nada inocua, llena de luz contempla la baldosa, no sabe nada, como ella, su amante renegada, al silencio puro cristalino que no entiende de nada porque escucha todo en la medida precisa de la sordera, pudo conocer la armonia y gracias al ruido, ella, ya nada pudo desvelar.[

in sound we trust
con todo el cariño

posted by tén - 2006.12.13

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[mn005] coeval - distante

01. reflexión en el conducto (09:58)
- download this mp3 (192k, 13.6mb)

02. pasaje a cotos (05:04)
- download this mp3 (192k, 6.98mb)

03. el chorro (hierro1) (03:10)
- download this mp3 (192k, 4.36mb)

04. psicoanálisis a (04:10)
- download this mp3 (192k, 5.73mb)

05. eolo no cesa aún (09:34)
- download this mp3 (192k, 13.1mb)

06. de frigoríficos y corales (06:07)
- download this mp3 (192k, 8.41mb)

download the whole release (zip, 52.9mb)

download the cover art (double-page)
(jpeg, 78.1kb)

track descriptions by j.c. blancas from coeval

'distante' is originally one improvisational work performed by coeval at sonar 2005. it was revised and then carefully divided into six parts in the studios for the release on -n. here are the descriptions of the tracks by j.c. blancas from coeval. we hope they will help you to understand and enjoy this beautiful piece of work fully.

01. reflexión en el conducto

the sounds in this track are found sounds of the studio ..the sublow frequency sound is the air conduct sound of the room ..i used a tube mic to record it and boosted it up a lot ..the compressed background noise was created similarly with vacuum ..i extracted and processed the reflected sounds that came through the conduct from the outside using various filtering techniques and added it to give the sublow sound some more details ..

02. pasaje a cotos

this piece is constructed with multiple layers of drones of the sounds recorded in the 'mazinger z' building (vallekas, madrid) and some field recordings done in the mountains of madrid by jorge haro, uran and me ..you can hear some hidden sounds of cercedilla train station and the old train that goes to cotos ..it is a nice place to visit when you come to madrid ..

03. el chorro (hierro1)

this is an experiment with contact mics, aluminum foil and a feedback patch ..the output signal of the feedback patch is used to polarize piezoelectricity of the metal, and i got some crescendo noise until the break as a result ..the end of this piece links to the next ..

04. psicoanálisis a

again, these are some field recordings from cercedilla/cotos. they were recorded inside the forest near small water falls ..the sounds were mixed then with some other domestic sounds (coffee machine, microwave, glass, etc.) that i used in 'ffg' (a piece for a compilation 'around sex,' curated by jesus jara of cuenca school of sound art) ..

05. eolo no cesa aún

this piece is about wind. all the sounds in the track are computer generated sounds. some textures at the end were used in 'sleeping nadja' (a track for 'upload folda' compilation (ltwnet0001) on plataforma-ltw) ..if you have listened to some coeval sounds before, i'm sure you'll recognize them ..

06. de frigoríficos y corales

during the recording session of some pianist playing villalobos classical piano works in the studio, the drone of the fridge inside the control room was really loud ..i recorded it with a microphone while the pianist was playing villalobos ..the mix in the control room went great, so later, i stayed in the studio and did a rough mix with a loop of villalobos and the drone. i was going to reprocess it later at home, but i ended up liking it as is and decided to use it to finish the live at sonar ..

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