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News in ukrainian portal for electronic music:
.at/on is our man :)
My respect for .at/on & my respect for minusn!!!!

Dutch (DGM)!

posted by Dutch - 2006.07.03

I wrote an entry on freemusicblog.net about this. I hope you're fairly pleased ;)

posted by posiputt - 2006.07.07

love your music.....from mexico tijuana

posted by alfedo rodriguez - 2006.07.24

super chruper musik . i love ya ! great 5 from poland .

posted by formalina - 2006.08.29

love your stuff.............
please push up your mp3s BitRate to 320kbps..
and I'll surely make a donation........
lotta respect!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by manaus - 2006.10.23

about this songs ... i like it, want something more ...I wish u good luck guys!

posted by popOff - 2006.11.16

great music.
from argentina - tandil

posted by nac - 2006.11.20

I'm glad to have found this netlabel and downloaded the #12 release.

The tracks are all interesting.
Good Music. Sincere !

A good example for the artistic freedom, that netlabels can offer.

I'll be downloading all your releases. And send you mine too.

Thanks a lot.

posted by Juma - 2006.12.11

Really a great work ! I like at most all tracks presents on this release !

greetings from Venice, Italy

posted by deep.mitch - 2006.12.11

I love this tunes :)

Really thank you for offering us these high quality tracks !


posted by M.A.U.D. - 2007.01.04

I listen to you from a good while, and say fly that you are unique,in these popular world of money.życze szczęscia, and more beautiful music.greetz......

posted by kostaw - 2007.01.05


posted by yay - 2007.01.18

Great work, thx a lot from Marseille, France
...and happy new year !

posted by DI OmaR - 2007.01.26

hey this compilation is realy nice. thanks for great music.

posted by kudu - 2007.02.10

Yo big respect!! from the Republic of Ireland.Love your tracks! keep up the good work... Peace :-]

posted by Decko - 2007.02.12

I'd love to listen this music @ higer b.rate (224?)

Anyway great relase, especially 'everything counts','escape or escape'

I rate for strong 5/6

Greetings from Poland.

posted by kik - 2007.03.25

guys, you're really good, I'm in love with your music, congratulations!!!

posted by Colombian Guy - 2007.03.30

I'm very impressed with your latest compilation. I keep listening to it and just loving it more. Great sounds and atmosphere. Bravo

posted by leech - 2007.04.06

Бля уроды, нельзя по русски сделпть что ли???

posted by Stanislav - 2007.04.08


posted by ANAEL - 2007.07.04

Thanks for this keen to hear it. Keep up the good work.

posted by xu - 2007.07.18

the best release of 2007 as compliation on netlabel. there's somethig about it. keep this style! thank you so much

posted by fausto - 2007.10.02

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[mn012] va - movin on
qwartz compilation & dance floor 2006 qwartz awards nominated release
01. claudia bonarelli - tonguing part one (06:04)
- download this mp3 (192k, 8.36mb)

02. .at/on - default (04:44)
- download this mp3 (192k, 6.53mb)

03. the suffragettes - everything counts (05:07)
- download this mp3 (192k, 7.06mb)

04. pero - one day i will hear this song stoned (07:07)
- download this mp3 (192k, 9.81mb)

05. shalma- - escape or escape (05:08)
- download this mp3 (192k, 7.06mb)

06. salmon - minimalmans-march (07:57)
- download this mp3 (192k, 10.9mb)

07. muffrare - sub flutter (03:23)
- download this mp3 (192k, 4.66mb)

08. masaya sasaki - rejection (04:08)
- download this mp3 (192k, 5.70mb)

09. goem|fdw - autodutch (03:17)
- download this mp3 (192k, 4.52mb)

10. motor - vadmik (caramel digits) (05:50)
- download this mp3 (192k, 8.04mb)

11. g_n44f - d4p (06:17)
- download this mp3 (192k, 8.65mb)

12. lod - atasco (05:36)
- download this mp3 (192k, 7.71mb)

13. jos smolders - blaammm!! (06:02)
- download this mp3 (192k, 8.30mb)

14. andrey kiritchenko - warming suns (06:31)
- download this mp3 (192k, 8.97mb)

download the whole release (zip, 107mb)

download the cover art (double-page)
(jpeg, 683kb)

download the cover art (for web)
(jpeg, 15.9kb)

a little statement by -N | netlabel

we are all surrounded by layers of sounds. it does not matter if they are machine-generated noise or the ones of nature, but all of the sounds around us have their own unique tonalities and rhythms. while some just take them for granted, these artists here find them fascinating and construct music out of the pieces of the best moments of the sounds they encounter.

scenes change, and so do sounds. whatever the scene you may be into now, this is something for you to listen to. this is minimal at its best. you do not have to think about the concept or how the pieces are constructed as the musicians here have already done that for you. you can just let it flow wherever you may be at.

so we now present you our second compilation album as we are 'movin on.'

©2005-2017 -N.
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