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-n netlabel is finally launched with the hottest compilation album!

2 dates added for coeval. go to the 'dates' page for more details.

2 dates added for masaya sasaki. go to the 'dates' page for more details.

3 dates added for andrey kiritchenko. go to the 'dates' page for more details.

3 dates added for lod. go to the 'dates' page for more details.

added an earlabs' review link for our first release. click on it and write your review in the pop-up window. it'll be posted on earlabs' homepage.

there's a slight change in our release schedule... mn002 will be by c6 sometime in april, and lod will release his ep in may - mn003. we'll keep you updated with the dates.

there's a great new mp3 release by andrey kiritchenko on nexsound. it's free to download, so just go check it out (cdr is also available):

va - fabelbuch (ns40)
groovy remixes by frank bretschneider (mille plateaux, raster noton, 12k), mikael stavostrand (mille plateaux, mitek), mokira (mille plateaux, raster-noton, type), goem (mego, staalplaat), dalezy (underscan), kotra(nexsound, alku) of "kniga skazok" album by andrey kiritchenko released on ad noiseam (adn23).

shalma-'s track 'foppish-foppish' from mn001 was featured on interjamp radio! go check it out!
playlist is here:

new ep and a video release are out now from sinergy networks! they are all free to download, so don't miss the opportunity!

sn017 - smbp + dilo + skugge + abstract groove + pablo leon + kimberly klark + roman skok - grace ep
snv002 - silvia exposito - iris

the very first netstockfest will be held at 16:50 (gst) today! there'll be a lot of netlabels from all around the globe participated. it'll go on till march 21. check the schedule and don't miss this historical event!

details added for coeval's show on april 23. go to the 'dates' page to check it out.

mn002 will be released on april 15. it'll be 'scatter stars' by andrey kiritchenko.

added original cover art for mn001. you can download it from here.

4 dates (w/ details) added for andrey kiritchenko. go to the 'dates' page for more.

1 date added for masaya sasaki. go to the 'dates' page for more details.

new sinergy release! it's got lod's remix. you don't wanna miss that...

sn018 - sarah goldfarb + lod + abstract groove + funzion - absolute funk ep

8 dates! (w/ details) added for lod. go to the 'dates' page for more.

mn002 will be officially released tomorrow, but in the mean time, you can already enjoy the music @

our new ep is finally released! it's 'scatter stars' by the one and only, the sound genius, andrey kiritchenko! frans de waard's (goem) review from vital weekly is already added too btw.
just go to the release page and enjoy the music:

added a review on [mn001] va - first.

added reviews on [mn001] va - first and [mn002] andrey kiritchenko - scatter stars.

3 dates added for coeval and also 3 for lod. go to the 'dates' page for more.

new sinergy release! feel the vibe from argentina...

sn019 - dilo vs zensible - oslo

ok people. lod's ep is gonna be released on the 20th of may! so look forward to that...

andrey kiritchenko's new cd 'true delusion' was just co-released through nexsound and japanese spekk!
he's spent almost a year to complete this piece of work. it's definitely worth a listen...

dates for andrey kiritchenko france tour have been added. he'll be all over in france in june, so go to the 'dates' section and check the schedule and see if he'll be in you region...

new collaboration mp3 release by andrey kiritchenko on nexsound!:

paul kust/kotra/andrey kiritchenko - curious kitchen (ns39)
acoustic and electronic improvisation.
paul kust(moglass): electric guitar, bells, voice, objects;
kotra: electronics;
andrey kiritchenko: didgeridoo, objects, voice, field recordings, acoustic guitar.

it seems that there has been a little problem going on at please be patient and wait till they get back to normal and approve our mn003 files...

until our mn003 files get approved by, enjoy the interview with lod. he talks a little bit about this ep and his labels...

btw, his track 'esponja 5' from mn001 has been picked by marcel knopf in his chart on mo's ferry. and here're some updates:
* mn001 (the whole release) was played on sinsalaudio - both fm and online radio station based in vigo, spain,
* fracture noise's 'esc' from mn001 was played on a moscow based fm radio station, dinamit fm and on staccato - internet radio station.
* masaya sasaki's 'major7,' also from mn001, was played on madrid based fm radio stations, radio circulo and radio autonoma, through onda sonora.
* andrey kiritchenko's 'spread your satellites' from mn002 was played on swiss webradio audioasyl and neon425, german radio station based in dresden, through a program called cuts&mouse.

it's not that we follow everything that's going on with our releases, so if you've done something or know someone who's done something with our releases, please let us know. we'll introduce them here...

lod's ep is finally out! just go check it out...

and after that, enjoy his new sinergy release! it's your lucky day today...

sn020 - lod - lava (remixes by fax, gurtz, tupperwear, pt10, kriipis tulo, roman skok)

now you can get 'scatter stars' on cdr! you can order one from nexsound.

lod's sinergy-networks has been featured on germany's de:bug magazine! plus, interjamp radio from hamburg, germany has done the sinergy-networks special on their show...

btw, we've posted few scheduled upcoming releases... mn006 will be done by dataman from one of the most anticipated new comers in the scene, legoego! also, we'll have masaya sasaki and shalma- who have contributed beautiful tracks for our first compilation! so look forward to them...

muffrare's new album 'flat visit' (2cdrs) was just co-released from his own output muffrare records and opuesto! it's limited to 290 copies, so act now if you're interested...

we got one more news today. new japanese netlabel 'on-li' has just launched with some nice promising releases! just go check them out! it'll be worth it...

nexsound's new sub-label 'live reports' has launched! as the name says, it's going to focus on releasing live recordings of the nexound related artists! the first two releases are really promising ones, and of course, andrey kiritchenko's 'live at ultrahang festival' is the one you can't afford to miss... btw, other recordings from the festival are also all good actually. we really wanted to be there...

sinergy networks and thinner joined forces and released 'thinnergy' on both sites! you get sinergy artists' original tracks and the remixes by thinner artists on sinergy networks and the other way around on thinner! plus, for those who'll be in the area for sonar on june 18th, there'll be the release party at mau-mau underground in barcelona with bern, smbp and gurtz. go here to check the details...

sn021 - sinergy networks vs. thinner - thinnergy
thn074 - sinergy networks vs. thinner - thinnergy

release party info:

mn004 will be officially released real soon, but for those who can't wait, you can already check out the tracks here.

ok, people. mn004 by g_n44f is finally out now! the release text will follow soon. just go check it out...

the release text has been added for mn004! please enjoy the complete release now...

now you can get some nice live recording sets from the sinergy and klitekture events on sinergy networks! they've got some (more than some actually) nice pictures there too from the events. go check out and feel the atmosphere. they look pretty nice. also, while you're on their site, check the new sinergy release...

sn022 - exos + octal - u cant stop time

one date added for masaya sasaki. go to the 'dates' page for more details.

added another review on [mn001] va - first by mark teppo from igloo magazine.

7 dates added for andrey kiritchenko - germany tour w/ zavoloka & kotra. go to the 'dates' page for more.
and for those who can't make it to germany, there're two new mp3 releases by nexsound artists...

ns35 / nilan perera - harmless love
ns41 / kidsok nuit - say goodbye

here are some updates:

coeval's 'distante' will be released in shortly (by the end of july). it'll be a spacial release - live recording from sonar 2005!

masaya sasaki's gig on july 23th has been postponed to august 7th due to the traffic paralysis after the earthquake... go to the 'dates' page for the details again...

lod's 'sabado gris' from taskenti ep (mn003) was played on hamburg's interjamp radioshow...

now you can read the interview with g_n44f on loop - an excellent chilean zine...

our flash artist who's done the covers for mn001 and mn004, syun osawa's animation, 'end x 3, start x 1' will be presented on a big screen at apple store shinsaibashi in osaka, japan on july 29th! it's part of japanese flash animators' project called 'move on web.' it starts at 7:00pm. if you'll be in the area, you should go check it out. it'll be a great opportunity for you to feel his beautiful animation on a big screen. it's free admission.

new sinergy release is out! go check out and listen to this gorgeous release! it's got lod's remix track too...
sn023 - laplaceausoleil - white rabbit

mn005 by coeval is out! enjoy their beautiful world of drone music...

the server that has our coeval release on it has been locked up at -
hopefully, things will get better after they install new servers. sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

added 3 reviews on mn003, mn004 and mn005 by frans de waard from vital weekly.

one date added for masaya sasaki. go to the 'dates' page for more.

there's a new release by g_n44f on on-li as 'g_.' there's a different version of 'rhyfer' (mn004) - 'derhyfer.' plus, there're one g_n44f track and the video and more! go check out the release...
on-li_011 - g_ - retrospective and beyond

lod's 'sabado gris' (mn003) was featured on a new los angels based online radio called 'honeyfunky.'

'jawacon' will be held on august 27th at osaka-sangyou-souzoukan in osaka, japan. our flash artist (for mn001 and mn004), syun osawa's new animation will be presented with other works by japan's most anticipated flash artists - ryosuke aoike, kaeruotoko-syoukai, 512kb, nosferatu, hirara, poeyama, kaoru maruyama, aruji morino and rumparo! for those who'll be in the area but don't speak japanese, contact them @ contact [at] to reserve your ticket (by midnight on august 24th (jst)). it's ¥1,000, but you'll receive a beautiful guide book that should be worth more than ¥1,000.

one date and some details added for lod. go to the 'dates' page for more. plus, check new sinergy release by nico purman.
sn024 - nico purman + sarah goldfarb + miguel tutera + abstract groove - desiree

one date added for masaya sasaki. it's 'le placard' tokyo. there'll be shows the day before too, so check out their homepage besides the 'dates' page if you're interested... Tokyo Pt.2/

one date added for coeval. it's part of 'off icmc (international computer music conference).' it'll be held from sep. 5th to 10th. check out their homepage besides the 'dates' page to see more info...

andrey kiritchenko's new cd is out! it's a collaborative compilation effort with spanish legend, francisco lópez!
ns10 - francisco lópez / andrey kiritchenko - mavje

three dates added for shalma-. it's 'bullet's compilation 01 release party tour.' we'll give more details on the album when it comes out...

one date added for irish. it's 'spiritual sequencing rave.' they'll have it on the mountain! you don't wanna miss that if you'll be in the area...

fracture noise's 'esc (mn001)' was featured on cotumo's mix released on 'zerinnerung' - new netlabel focusing on dj mixes. it's got lod's track (w/ fark), 'two days (sn012)' from sinergy networks on it too...

ok. now you can take a break and check out new sinergy release...
sn025 - lb^lc - archive

dates added for masaya sasaki, coeval and shalma-. plus, some more details have been added for shalma-'s 'bullet's compilation cd release party tour.' go to the 'dates' page and check them out...

g_n44f's track, 'akari' (mn004) was featured on us-based knobtweakers run by dilvie (aka eric hamilton). it's really a nice site for those electronic music minded people. go check out the site and see it for yourself. and remember to donate if you like the program. help them pay the bandwidth bills...

with regards to our new release, please be patient and wait a little more. we assure you that it'll be worth waiting for... in the mean time, listen to new releases from lod's sinergy networks and andrey's nexsound.
sn026 - drone - sinergies
ns42 - matsutake - nine & seventeen

thank you for waiting. dataman's mn006 is finally out now! enjoy his heroes accompanied by japanese aa characters. what's aa? go see it for yourself...

five of our works have been nominated in four categories for the 2005 french qwartz awards!

qwartz track:
sabado gris | lod | taskenti ep (mn003)
qwartz discovery:
scatter stars (mn002) | andrey kiritchenko
taskenti ep (mn003) | lod
qwartz compilation:
va - first (mn001)
qwartz dance floor:
rhyfer | g_n44f | 120_1 ep (mn004)
- Floor

the winners will be chosen by internet vote (by dec 31st, 2005). so please vote for us and also for the netaudio / netlabel community! we are the only 'non-profit' netlabel nominated for the awards.

there's one more thing. dataman's track, 'mr. sunshine' (mn006) has been featured on knobtweakers! go check their site. we've found some sinergy stuff up there too...

one date added for lod. he'll be playing live as lod and djing as luis ortiz. also one of shalma-'s dates has been changed. go check them on the 'dates' page...

added a review on [mn006] dataman - the most famous heroes ep by mo. from phlow (in german).

there's one more news. qwartz nominee, lod's sinergy networks has two new releases...
sn027 - andrew duke - inbox
sn028 - drole + nicolas sumergido - hogar

one date added for shalma-. it's tomorrow in tokyo with plaid (black dog, warp) and kiyama akiko (fat32, süd electronic). it's free admission(!), so don't miss it if you'll be in the area. more details on the 'dates' page...

btw, shalma-'s ep is on the way, so please look forward to that.

mn007 by shalma- is out! listen to this ep and prepare for his show tomorrow. he'll start playing at around 19:00. it's free admission. check out the details here.

there's one more announcement. dataman's 'mr. pussy' (mn006) goes on vinyl! it'll be on christian quast's 'you are' (broque-lp003). you can preorder it at

we've earned two more qwartz awards nominations! we'll list all of them again here...

qwartz track:
sabado gris | lod | taskenti ep (mn003)
qwartz discovery:
scatter stars (mn002) | andrey kiritchenko
taskenti ep (mn003) | lod
qwartz compilation:
va - first (mn001)
qwartz dance floor:
rhyfer | g_n44f | 120_1 ep (mn004)
- Floor

again, we'll need your votes for the awards above! and here come the new ones. the winners for them will be chosen by the juries of the qwartz awards...

qwartz most promising artist:
andrey kiritchenko | appears on mn001 & mn002
qwartz label:
-n netlabel | japan

so we've earned seven nominations in six categories in total... thanks people! we deeply appreciate your sincere support as always!

after voting for us for the qwartz awards, enjoy the new release from dataman's legoego...
ego010 - philipp weigl - silently moving

there have been a lot of things going on around here lately...

first of all, -n has been featured on a german paper magazine called de:bug! we'd like to thank thomas and fee for putting it all together - a little shout out...
download the article (in german) in pdf format (142k)

and thomas' interjamp (fsk 93.0 in hamburg, germany) have featured shalma-'s 'yokudo' (mn007) on their nov. 8th show and did a nice little online program featuring japanese netlabels...
interjamp japan special online @

now, coeval will be playing tonight (dec. 2nd) in madrid, spain. check out the details here and go to their show if you'll be in the area. and speaking of coeval, we've added another review on 'distante' (mn005). check out what guillermo escudero from has to say on the release...

lastly, a new remix track by g_n4dp (aka g_n44f) has been featured on 'reconstruct III' on norway's tibprod.. you can buy it from their shop or through krakilsk. only 8 euros for 2 cdrs...

and again, don't forget to vote for us for the qwartz awards!

now, it's time for new music. there're new releases from andrey's nexsound and lod's sinergy networks. one of them is a really nice mix of sinergy tracks done by lod himself! don't forget to check them out...
ns43 - gultskra artikler - moreprodukt
sn029 - roman skok - explore
sn030 - lod - 180º

new compilation cd (w/ bullet's 1d ticket!) featuring shalma-'s new track is now out! featured artists are: shalma-, taka-aki azzlo, psysex, valou, chikotsu, chaos, konno, kim ken, defektro, carre, nobu suzuki, primula, riverside50/50, shin takai, okihide, defektro and organ-o-rounge. if you're in japan, you can get it at tower records, hmv, cisco or disk union (shibuya). if not, get it from hmv web site below (tower records japan site is down at the moment)...

bullsb01 - va - bullet's compilation 01 [ + ] second bed for everyone. ~ we have all the time in the world ~
japanese sites:

also, christian quast's new vinyl ep featuring dataman's 'mr. pussy' (mn006) has been out! you can get it at

broque-lp003 - christian quast - you are

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mn004: 120_1 ep
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